Heart Punch Art {tutorial}


 A fun way to use up those scraps!  This could be done with any punch really...crowns, butterflies, flowers, you name it!

Scrap card stock
Paper punch
Frame (from Dollar Tree)
Spray paint (optional)
Card stock
Pop dots
Ruler (if you're picky, like me)

How to:

Raid your scrap drawer for all card stock red or pink (or whatever color you want).

Spray your frame (if it needs it.)  I spray this at the same time I was doing this one.

While your frame is drying, cut white card stock to fit frame, the punch a handful of hearts.

Put pop dots on the back of punched shapes and line them up.  (I used a quilting ruler on the top and sides.  Put the corners in first then worked my way in.)  

Pop it in the frame, without the glass.

I tried to get a pic of the dimensional-ness (technical term).  

Give it to the hubs on Valentines day!

1 comment:

  1. Nice and beautiful proyects.
    Greetings from Chile!!



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