Yep....still here....

I haven't posting in a little bit, but that's cuz I've been crazy busy working on a handful of projects.  Projects that I hope to post soon.  Including....

A huge magnetic chalkboard
A faux farm house table top for above my washer and dryer
Another baby shower (including invites and thank you cards)
Sewing a cute pennant for said shower
Repainting a dresser for the mom of said shower
Recovering a bench
Ramping up my chalk label business
Sewing some quick capes for a Birthday gift

Oh...and raising 4 small kiddos!


  1. Wow..I hope you share all of the projects you're working on!

  2. Hi, Kelly. I really love the project you shared on I Heart Organizing. I want to buy some of your labels and (I hope you don't mind!) copy this. Could you please tell me where I buy the movie containers? I looked online at the Container Store but didn't see those exact ones.

    Thanks so much!




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