Tshirt to tunic {SC#5}

Browsing "I am Momma Hear Me Roar" awhile back I can across this up-cycling t-shirt to dress tutorial.  Since I'm all about not throwing things away (hoarding is what the hubs calls it) I have lots of tshirt material.  (Just between you and me.....when I know he's getting ready to take a box to donation, I go through it before he loads it into the car.  I find all sorts of fun stuff that I sneak take upstairs to my "office.")
I also have 4 kids that are growing like weeds, and destroying clothing in the process.  My 5 year old came to me one morning with a shirt on that I knew was not suppose to show her belly, but she cried when I told her she had to change.  She loves the shirt and the cute embroidered ladybug on the front (which I kept).  So...I told her I'd fix it.  And I did.

Here it is now.  (Do you think she likes it???)
She's posing all on her own!  No prompting from me at all.  She even asked if she could sleep in it tonight! (Notice another pair of patched jeans?  I told ya my #1 was rough on them, so #2 gets all the patched jeans!)

Honestly, it took me longer to re-thread one of the needles on the serger than it did to sew this up.  I'm new at serging, so am really trying to like it.  (Its not working so far...)  It would have been much easier to just sew the shirt up with a straight stitch on my machine.

We are totally into the tunic and jean/leggings look at our house and this fits right in.  I'll be doing it with more of the girls clothes, I'm sure!

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