Painted Sign Tutorial

When I found out I was pregnant with baby #3, I was really hoping for a boy.  At the time, we already had 2 girls, but it wasn't that I didn't want another girl (I ended up with one on baby #4!), it was because I had always wanted to do a nautical themed nursery.  There is something so crisp and clean about navy blue and white.  

I was browsing on ebay one day and came across a sign (similar to the one above) and decided that I would make my own.  I could make it whatever color and size I wanted.

Wood board or MDF (I used MDF 6" x 8' x 3/4")
Paint and brushes
Stencils or vinyl words

How to:
Cut your board to length (this was a stock piece, no cutting! :) and paint it your base color.

Lay out stencils (or hand write if you like your writing) and trace letters.  Hand paint or you could actually do what the stencils were made for and stencil it on (novel concept?).  I don't like to make things easy, so I hand painted.  This was also before I discovered vinyl.  That would have been MUCH easier to do! :)

Draw and then paint any other symbols you'd like on it.

Age it.  There are a few different ways to do this.  If you use real wood, you can sand, stain or glaze it.  I used MDF so opted for "painting" on the age.  I grabbed some acrylic brown and lightly dry brushed it on. I also splattered some of the red and navy on over the top.

Originally I planned on putting something under the arrow, but as you can see, 4 years later it still hasn't happened so what are the chances its going to happen now you think???  

The first room I did for G (said baby boy), I had done a shelf ledge around the room and this sat on the shelf and leaned against the wall.  2 weeks after I finished decorating his room and 4 weeks before his due date, we found out we were moving out of state, so I had to do another room.  This one had to many corners and edges, so I ended up putting this over the window.  

Anyway...a fun little customizable project!  I'll show you our huge name sign soon...

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