EAT - an easy wall art tutorial

From this

Saw this somewhere.  Pottery Barn?  Another blog?  A restaurant?  All of the above?  
Loved I made it.  Thats how I roll.

Letters (Hobby Lobby, $10 each, but get 'em on sale)
Spray paint (or don't and leave them gold.)

Yup.  That's it.

Note: Do not multitask when carrying letters outside to paint...especially when you're walking over concrete.  If you happen to be clumsy and drop one (not admitting anything here) then this just might be what your "A" looks like:

Luckily I'm painting them, huh? :)

So, pick a color and spray 'em.

Let them dry.  Luckily with spray paint its a short wait.

Get some of these bad boys (or use nails if you prefer) to hang them up.

My kiddos think this hilarious.  "Eat.  In the kitchen.  That's what we do," they say.  Then they asked, "are you going to put *poop* over the potty?"


At least they are spelling! :)

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