Mod Podge Letters

The original one I did a few years ago and posted about on my monogram wall.  I cannot find the picture on my computer, so this is as good as its gets.  Can you see it?  Or the bottom part of it?  Up at the very top? ;)  Sorry!
The "B" and "H" were Christmas gifts for my mom and sis.  Christmas 2011, not 2012.  This is why its Finish It Challenge #4 and #5. :)  Yep....I'm behind. Although these were finished a month or so ago, I just haven't had time to blog them. 
I thought I had done a tutorial on if I didn't, I will....soon. ;)

Join me with and Project Simplify

I am jumping on the bandwagon with and her Project Simplify!

This weeks hot spot is kids stuff...
I don't know about you, but we have a lot of that!  I am so excited about this one!  I'm actually involving my kiddos in this.  We are planning to tackle a new area every day this week.

Here's my plan:
Monday - Dresser tops and their "junk drawer."  Each of my kids has a small drawer in which they can keep their stuff.  We are clearing it out, because they are overflowing!  The dresser tops too!  I figure we are going to start small.
Tuesday - Keeping with the dresser theme....clothes!  Clean, sort and purge!
Wednesday - Clothing again, this time closets.
Thursday - Toys, toys, toys!
Friday - Toys, toys, toys! (We have a lot of toys)
Saturday - Donations.  They are coming with me to drop the stuff off!

I hope you will all join me in "Project Simplify!"


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