An organized pantry

Everything in containers and labeled.  That's the way its supposed to work.  With the crazy busy schedule I lead, I have sorely been neglecting some things.  Things that make for a much smoother life. Little things, like my pantry.  This started about 6 months ago, which is also how I started selling the chalkboard lables. :)  That just took over!

Not a huge change here, but just better.  

I started here.....
Not too bad....But those containers with the white lids on the left.  Those worked great in my last pantry....and the ones before that....but not this one.  I had to stack them two deep and every time I needed a baking item, I would have to move them around to see what I had behind.  

Now everything is visible right when I walk in and labeled with these. (Yes, that's my shop.)  The baking section....
(From this picture, you'd think I actually bake! ;)

The big tubs at the top and bottom hold chips, lunch coolers, coffe/tea bulk items.  Stuff I don't use everyday.  The medium tubs in the middle (left) are my lunch and breakfast tubs.  I store "lunch fruits" like applesauce, ftuit bars etc, "lunch snacks" like animal crackers, cheeze-its, and pretzels, "lunch desserts" and "breakfast" items like instant oatmeal or cereal bars.

I grab the lunch bins and let the kids choose when packing lunches every morning.  They got to choose one from each bin, then I added a "dairy" and a sandwich...or use to when I sent them to school.  
The snack section before....and after
And now....
My system...when I'm out of something I turn the canister around so I can see what is supposed to be in  it, telling me what I need.
After....everything in containers and on lazy susans in the corners.

 While I would love something like this.....
I can't change the layout of my pantry and its not the room in need of a total overhaul.  Someday (if we stay here) I will gut the builder shelves, repaint, and add custom shelves, but for now....a clean out and organization will do!


  1. I love it! I love a good organization project...It makes you feel so good. I did this last year here

    And it still looks pretty decent.

  2. love it!!! so jealous that you have wooden shelves vs my wire ones =) I'm DREAMING of converting the pantry to look more like yours! ours are the same shape!!! =)

  3. It looks fantastic!! I really wish I had this much room for a pantry... Sooo much storage space! Unfortunately such things are very few and far between over here in England, so I have to make do with a few tiny kitchen cabinets. Boo :-( Which could actually do with being organised...! Will get on that soon.

    Take care,



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