A new year AND a new craft challenge!!!

First off, Is anyone is wondering how I did on my 2011 Sewing Challenge I am still going to finish posting my 2011 challenge.  I finished, but just haven't posted anything last month due to my December detour.

For 2012 the challenge is.....

drum roll.....

Finish ALL the project that I have either started or have purchased all the supplies for but just haven't made.  I have a small problem, you see.  Well, the hubs thinks its a big problem actually.  I really, Really, REALLY like to find project, buy the supplies for them (then store them) and start the projects.....but I have a finishing problem.  

Sadly, I probably have more than 52.  In rearranging my office and the play/school room, I've started to collect everything in a bin....or bins, really. 

For instance....many moons ago I started collecting old jeans that were destined for the garbage.  Since I can't throw things away, I started cutting up jean squares with plans to make a jean quilt.  All the squares are cut and sitting in a bag, in a bin, in the attic.

I also have a bunch of wood blocks, wood finials, and wood candlesticks that I had planned on making into "NOEL" blocks.....3 years ago.  Still not done.  (Hmmm...maybe "LOVE" blocks instead???)

Terry cloth and fabric for burp cloths and bibs.

Fabrics for quilts that have actually been started and set aside.

Wood to make signs.

Tins for a numbered advent calendar.

A Birdcage to paint and hang for the baby's room.

Letters to decoupage.

Wood boxes to paint for organization.

Frames and old book pages to mat with a wreath.

Too many cards to even count....

Oh.... an endless supply of projects.

I chose this challenge in the fall when I started to clean out my office/craft room and really looked at all the stuff I have accumulated.  Its a sickness, really.  In my attempts at simplifying, I'm selling craft tools that I no longer use (or ever used ;), finishing projects that are stacking up, and donating the things that I think others can use.

Anyone want to join me???  Do you have a craft challenge you'd like to try?  Here are some ideas...
A scrapbook page a week.
Take a picture every day (something I'm hoping to do too...)
Donate an item every day/week.
Clean out a drawer/closet/space every week.
Make a card a week.
Sew an item a week.

Happy Crafting!!!

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  1. Just found your blog thru Iheart organizing. What a great idea on your challenge. Sounds like me. I have several going at all times!! looking forward to reading more : )



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