Phew, still here...I think?!?!

I took a little break for a couple of reasons...

1) Christmas
Need I say more?


2) We have, prayerfully, decided to homeschool our kids.
When I say "we" are going to homeschool, it really means "I" am going to homeschool.  :)  We (the hubs and I) made the decision together, though.  We have a third grader, first grader, Pre-Ker and almost 2 year old so it will be quite busy around here....or at least I will be!

I have taken the last month to delve into the wonderful world of homeschooling.  I have been researching homeschooling, researching curriculum, talking to as many people as I can find who homeschool, looking at classroom setup, etc.  It has taken over my life!!!  

So...I will begin to document my journey (a little) in addition to the normal stuff I do.  Plus, its given me a whole lot more to organize and rearrange around the house (YAY for projects! :)

So....away we go!

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