From Shirt to Skirt {quick tutorial and SC#4}

We have 4 kiddos.  3 girls, so lots of hand me downs that I'm ok altering to last a little longer.  This shirt, I loved the color combo, but the way it is (was) constructed makes it a little hard to get on a squirmy 11 month old.  So...I made it into a skirt.

I thought this little ruffle at the bottom was so cute.  (Pardon the un-iron shirt...that's one thing I don't do much of around here!)

The whole process took about 15 minutes.

Scissors/Rotary cutter and mat
1/4" elastic (or whatever you pull from your leftovers)
Safety pin
Sewing machine

How to:
Cut shirt from armpit to armpit.    I wasn't too worried about the length of the skirt, since I planned on her wearing them over the leggings that came with the shirt (those still fit.)

Fold in and hem just wider than you elastic.  (Knit doesn't fray, so this is a crude hem job with no turning under.)  Leave about an inch open at the back to insert your elastic.

I grabbed a pair of the little punkin's pants to measure (she was already asleep I couldn't measure her waist) and cut the elastic.  Put your safety pin through the end of the elastic and pin, then thread through your waist band.  Overlap the elastic and secure with a zig-zag.

Either close up the waistband with your machine or hand stitch closed.


 Trying to take a picture of a skirt on an 11 month old who prefers crawling to walking was not the easiest.

This is what happens when she sees the camera. 

Attack of the baby.

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