Soap re-do

This is what I gave as teacher gifts this year and a thank you to the leaders in our Sunday School class.  I got the idea from here, but tweaked it just a little.

She has a thorough tutorial and its easy to follow, but here are my (minor) modifications.

*I had a really hard time getting some of the labels off, so decided to leave the front one on.  (Keep in mind, I did about 20 of these, and was too lazy busy to be goo-gone-ing (technical term) that many.  The back label came off just fine, so I made the back the front.  

*I did not spray prime these, instead bought spray paint suitable for plastic.  It said no priming needed and I was all about skipping that step.  

*Since you could still kind of see the label in back (even after 3 coats of paint) I opted to punch a scallop circle out of scrapbook paper and modge podge it on to cover the label.  Worked out just fine and had an added touch of color.

I have a handful left over, so will be finishing them in various ways, just like the original.  I'll do one in black with a "G" for our kitchen sink.  I might do them for Valentines day with a big white heart?  I already have the red paint!

Ragamuffin Garland Tutorial

Got a lot of fabric scraps and want to use them up???  This is perfect!!

Jute (or ribbon)
Ring clips
Ribbon (optional)
A good movie (optional, but will make the process more fun)

How to:
Cut your jute/ribbon 6 inches longer than desired finished length.  Tie each end to a ring clip.

Cut/rip fabric in roughly 1" by 8-12" strips.  I took my fabric and cut it to about 10" (some were more, some were less), then snipped the edge every 3/4"-1" and ripped each strip off.  I like the frayed looked of the ripped fabric.  (I have no idea how many strips, cut I cut and tied, cut and tied, cut and tied...until it was as full as I wanted.)

I also cut extra jute and ribbons that I had in my ribbon jars.  For that matter, I dug through all my fabric and used some warm and soft batting that was too small for any thing else, extra fleece...pretty much anything that was white, cream, red, or green was fair game!

Put your movie in and start tying.  And keep tying.  And tie some more.  You might actually have to get a second movie going...that how long it takes!  I actually separated my piles into like colors and prints.  (Yes, I'm like that.)  I tied in patterns first.  For example...starting on the left hand side, red plaid every 4 inches across the jute...then green solid...then white, etc.  I wanted it too look random, but also not lopsided with color.  At the end, I filled in where needed.

This one is was for sale here.

All that work and you'd think I'd keep it, right?  Nope.

You can do these on wreath forms, too.  In fact, I picked up some at local garage sales and antique stores this summer with plans to make one from extra drop cloth material.

Personalized Christmas Decor

A post from Christmas last year...

After getting our tree up and decorated (in a minimalist way), I decided it needed a little something extra. I've seen variations of these with the numbers 1-25 (but really...who's going to buy 25 frames???) or ho-ho-ho, but I decided our tree needed a little personalization. And since there are 6 of us now, that ought to fill it up, right? Somehow my car managed to drive me to Hobby Lobby this morning, where there table frames were all 50% off. I rarely buy anything at HL unless is on sale, cuz lets face it...sooner or later everything is on sale there! Anyway...this little project only ended up costing $15...and that's for 6! These would be great gift for a teacher or friend or neighbor, since they were $2.50 each. Who doesn't like a little personalization?

Supplies Needed:
Spray paint

Here's what you do:

Disassembled the frames, so they are just the frame part.  Take outside and attack them with a bottle of flat black spray paint.  Let them dry. In the meantime, find a font that you like and print out initials.  Cut into squares, then reassemble with the initials and viola!

Vinyl on the glass with a Christmas paper backing
Embroider or cross-stitch initials on fabric
Print on Christmas paper 

I really just stuck them in the tree like that! Next year, I'm hoping to embroider the letters, but we'll see. With "B" coming in Feb, I know I'm not going to have much free time. :)

Another Adorable Advent Calendar

How cute is this????  And you can get most of the supplies at the Dollar Tree.  My kinda project!
Go here for the tutorial.  Then loose a few hours browsing Infarrantly Creative's wonderful site!

Thanksgiving Tablecloth

Do you think I can squeeze in another craft before Turkey Day?  (The day in which I am not at all prepared for seeing as how I just realized yesterday that Thanksgiving is NEXT WEEK!!!)

How neat is this idea?  A Soft Place to Land has a great tutorial for this.  I'm going to try it!!!  I happen to have a painter's cloth laying around (one that was supposed to get made into throw pillows) and paint so I shouldn't to buy anything for it.  I like a free craft! :)

Thankful Tree {tutorial}

This is our Thankful Tree.  Each leaf represents something we are thankful for.  We all take turns writing something down.  One leaf per day in November.  After we are done, I will scrapbook the project so we can look back each year and see what has stayed the same and what has changed.  

 I have wanted to do this project for awhile, but since we live in a new neighborhood there are no trees, so no branches.  Apparently it took me a couple of years before I realized I could cut branches from a friends tree.  What's that saying...can't see the forest through the trees?  Um, ya.  Take a step back and look at the bigger picture? :)  I need to do that more.  

Tree branches
Sand (or rocks or marbles)
Paper (in various fall colors)
Leaf punch
Hole punch

How to:
I bought a leaf punch (um, 6 years ago) for another project (family tree) that I have yet to do.  I love having supplies on hand to quickly whip up a project and I already had most of these.

Go out in the yard (or a friends/neighbors....but ask first!) and cut some branches.

Put a floral frog/foam into the vase and cover with sand.  (Yes, I actually had to go buy some overpriced sand at Wal-Mart.)

Punch 30 leaves in various reds, oranges, and yellows.  Mine are patterned, textured and solids. Then punch a hole in the top to hang.

Cut 30 pieces of string to about 6".

Every day write down something you and your family are thankful for and tie it to the "tree." 

(Once I scrap the page, I'll take a picture and add to the post!)

Grocery shopping

We are all creatures of habit.  From our daily routines at home to the order we put on our socks and shoes and how we make (or not) our beds.  Have you ever noticed when you go grocery shopping, you usually go the same route through the store.  Every. Single. Time.  To save time, arrange your grocery shopping list in the order that you generally go through the store and shop efficiently, only going down the aisles you actually need. 

Kids clean up game

I am always looking for creative ways to get my kiddos to help clean up the playroom.  They are much more willing to help if it seems a little fun, right?  So, make a game out of cleaning.  Get a set of big foam dice ($1 store).  Have them roll a die and pick up whatever number it lands on.  This is a two-fer.  They can practice counting AND pick up their toys.c

Crepe Paper Flowers

How cute are these?  Wouldn't they be fun on a wreath or a lampshade?  Here is a great tutorial.  It says its a bit time consuming, but for'll be worth it. 

Pottery Barn Advent Calendar

We already have an advent calendar but it has such tiny little doors and now with 4 kids, I'm having a hard time squeezing things in.  

How about this baby...
Pottery Barn.  

Of course.  

I would love to be able to say I'm going to make this in time for Christmas this year, but have too many things that got in line first.  No cuts.  Not even for this.  Maybe next year...

Boating Flag Paper Garland

G's room is decorated in sailboats.  I don't know why I was set on boats, but I was.  I had his room all finished about 2 months before he was born and poof...2 weeks later, we found out we were moving across the country.  So...I got to decorate another room.  I loved what I did the first time, so I did it again, but added a few more details, like this flag garland.
(In this picture it looks as if the garland is actually painted on the wall, but its not.)

 I had die cut most of the shapes at my local scrapbook store (before we left), then sat down one afternoon during nap time to put it all together.

Jute or string
Scissors, die cuts, or punches

  I measured his wall, and cut some jute about 2 feet longer (to account for the arc).  I decided what order I wanted my made up boating signs to go and laid them out.  Found the center of the jute and started folding and gluing.  The squares are really rectangles which I folded the end over the jute and glue.  The triangles have 2 tabs on them (its the small pennant die from Accucut) which I folded and glued.  I spaced them evenly apart, but glued the paper to paper and not paper to jute.  This way when we move again, I can lengthen or shorted if needed.
To hang it, I just put a cup hook in each corner and tied the jute to them.

Fun Jar

My kids are always complaining that they are bored so I've put together a "fun jar" for them.  Together we sat down and wrote out some fun things to do on strips of paper.  Now, every time they complain, I have them pull an idea from the jar.  Bored no more!

Greeting Card Class

I taught some craft classes last year and this is one of the classes, a greeting card class.  Cards is really how my love of crafting began (that and yarn), although I do less and less of it lately.

I did enjoy teaching, but really it was an excuse for me to buy more "toys" for my "office." (But don't tell my hubby!!!)  After my 4th baby in 6 years something had to give, and teaching is it...for now.

Wood Quilt Blocks

Ballard Designs always has the neatest stuff!  Recreating this, should be fairly easy.  You'd have a few options.  Paper, fabric or paint.  

Buy your wood/MDF at your local home improvement center.  Have them cut a sheet down to 12x12 (or whatever sizes your space requires.)  Or if you or your hubby is handy, cut it yourself.  Paint out the edges (if they are going to show.)  Modge podge on your paper.  Or fabric wrap the boards.  Or paint your designs on.  Hang them up.

You could do a 3x3 patchwork.  A 2x4.  2x2.  You could even use them as frames and mats and put pictures in them.  Oh the possibilities....

My Paper Garlands were Featured!!!

I sell these paper garlands in my etsy shop (along with a few other things.)  I have a handful of designs and will be adding more.

For birthday parties, showers and nurseries
And for the boys
And lately for Halloween
and Christmas

A few days ago I was convo'd about someone featuring my garlands on their website.  She's a designer who specializes in nurseries and children's rooms.  You can find her here.  And my feature here.

Glass Etched Monogrammed Hurricanes

I have always wanted to try glass etching but have been intimidated by its chemical-ness.  I'm a huge fan of personalization and love monograms.  Christmas season is right around the corners, so I wanted to try this to see if it will make great gifts.
  Let's just say every one's getting glass this year for Christmas!  This one hurricane cost me $2.50 (aside from the etching cream, which I can use over and over and over.)

Supply list:
Glass (hurricane from $1 store, but you can use votives, beer mugs, plates, etc.)
Candlestick ($1.50 from a yard sale)
Contact paper
Etching cream (using 40% coupon from Hobby Lobby)
Paint or foam brush
E-6000 or epoxy (for attaching candlestick to hurricane, optional)

 I cut the contact paper in my Silhouette, but you can print and cut with an exacto knife. 
Clean your glass with window cleaner.
Place contact paper on glass, making sure to press ALL the edges so the etching cream doesn't bleed.
(I saved the inside of the letter just in case I find something to put it on, which I know I will.  The contact paper looks a lot like the finished product, so you could actually just use that! :)
 Paint on etching cream.  Directions say to wear gloves, but I was to lazy really careful.
 Watch the timer as it (very slowly) counts down the required 5 mins.  Follow directions on your etching cream as they may vary.
 Rinse your project under warm water and peel the contact paper off.  
Be utterly amazed that you've been afraid of this for years since it was so easy and you LOVE the results!
Attach your candlestick base with the E-6ooo and set aside for 24 hours to bond, or leave as is.
Count the minutes until the baby gets up from her nap so you can put the kids in the car and head back to the $1 store to get more glass.  In the meantime, dig through your kitchen looking for something else to etch.

Framed Mirror

Isn't this great???
I'm just trying to figure out which mirror to start on...

Go here to see how to do it all.

Numbering Chairs

I *love* the look and customization of monograms.  Second best, is numbering.  My DH thinks I’m a bit crazy, but I’ve always wanted to do this.  Originally I wanted to do it to our kitchen chairs, but since you’d only really see 2 of the 6, the bar stools were a better choice.  So, one afternoon during nap time and before the other kids came home from school, I decided to start painting.  
numbers printed from computer (or stencil)
Pencil and paper
Painting tape and ruler
paint pen or paint and brush
The first task is deciding what font you want and what size.  I went back and forth between a scripty font and having it read “No. 1”, and just the number “1” but figured my kids would ask, “why No?”  So I went simple.  Find your font and print on paper, but you only need to print the outline of it.
I started with the #6 and on our broken stool (I have 4 kids, its bound to happen) so that if this experiment failed miserably, I would just have to buy another stool...which was already in the plans.  I cut the numbers apart, but leaving lots of white around the number.  I took my pencil and scribbled all over the back like so:

Then centered and taped it to the stool back and trace the outline 
(it doesn’t have to be perfect.)

Then pull off the paper. 
Tracing will transfer the pencil scribble to the chair.  

Take your paint pen or paint, and paint it on. 

That’s it!  The whole process didn’t take more than an hour and it was dry before all my greasy little fingers got home to touch them.   I’m still debating if I’m going to dry brush black or glaze over it for an antiqued look.  Sanding off (in my case) didn’t work due to the finish.  (Once again, tried on #6.)  If this was a piece I had painted my self, I’d definitely have sanded the numbers lightly.
 (Don't mind the crumbs and fingerprints on the chairs.  Just keeping it real here.)

Chalkboard Plate Tutorial

I gave these as Christmas gifts last year.  These are so much fun.  It's a REALLY stinky project, so make sure you do it in a well ventilated area.
{Round one is SOLD}

Pewter or silver plate
Chalkboard paint (I bought mine from Sherwin Williams)
Foam paint brush

Here's a plate I found at our local flea market.  I scuffed it up a gently with some sandpaper (but I don't think its necessary).  Using my foam brush, carefully paint the edge.  This is the hardest part because you have to keep a pretty steady hand.  Then start painting in to the middle, covering the plate.  Let dry overnight.
Wa. Lah.

I painted 12 last weekend.  Garage sale and flea market finds.  This one is for sale here. {SOLD}

Coloring the kids

One afternoon, I grabbed out my roll of contractors paper (from Lowes) and tore off a 4 foot section of it.  I had the kids clear off the playroom table and laid out the paper.  I traced the outline of one of the kids, gave them the bucket of crayons and had a good half hour of quiet to prepare dinner.

Casserole freezer meals

For me, when I making a casserole, its almost as easy to make two as it is one.  I double the recipe and pop one in the freezer.  I label it with the name, date and cooking directions.  When I know I'm going to have a busy day, I pull it out of the fridge the night before so dinner is ready to go.  Another bonus, if a friend is in need of a meal, I already have something ready to go!

There are a ton of great cookbooks on batch cooking and freezer meals.  On of my favorites is Fix Freeze Take and Bake.

Pumpkin Cakes

Are these the cutest things or what? This looks like a fun after school project to do with the kids and something they can give to their teachers.

Fussy Monkey Business has a great tutorial.

(Post note: I finally made these.  Yes it's the 31st, but I did it.  I bought a mini bunt pan just for this!  They are sooo cute.  I'm giving them to my Steering Team (MOPS) and one to each of the kids teachers.  I wrapped them in pumpkin cello bags and had the kids make cards.  One piece of advice (might be a no-brainer to the bakers out there)...wait for them to completely cool before putting the chocolate bar in.  Even slightly warm the bar melts into the pumpkin. :)

Stamped Metal Jewelry

If you have ever wanted to make your own stamped jewelry, it's really pretty easy. I have seen these in shops all over etsy and online and have always loved them...but not the prices. I knew that buying the supplies was going to be a spendy addition to my craft room, but then the perfect opportunity presented itself. I had 7 wonderful friends throw me a baby shower and these were the perfect thank you gifts. The added bonus....I got to keep all the tools to make more! (8 months later I still have not made my own necklace! :)
I decided to make each necklace different so figuring out which styles I wanted was the longest part of the process. Once I chose my stamping blanks, I ordered all the tools and most of the supplies from here, but bought the necklaces and some of the blanks from Hobby Lobby (on sale, of course).

Its as easy as taking the stamp, placing it on the metal blank, and whacking it with the hammer.
I recommend buying a practice piece because is does take a few whacks of the hammer to figure out the correct pressure and spacing.
The shower theme was pink, black, and white, so I packaged them in cute little tins with pink paper backing.

In trying to decide who got what style, I had to think about who was going to be having more kids, so that I could add a name or initial as part of my baby gift to them in the future. I forgot to take pictures of the first few, but I love how they all turned out. Will be making mine and one for my sister (who is due with baby #1 in a few weeks) as soon as they decide on a name. I'll post those pictures when they are done.

My first garage sale

I was finally able to go garage sale-ing today. It was my first time and I had a blast!!! I spent less than $25 and $12 of it was for Christmas gifts for my kiddos. Here's what I got:
Pictures and projects to come...

Weekly menus and grocery lists

With four little people in the house and activities that come with them, my schedule is a little crazy.  To make my grocery shopping and dinner prep go a little easier, I sit down once a week and make a menu and grocery list for that week.  I note the meal, what cookbook it is in and what page its on.  Then on my grocery list, I mark off everything I will need for that meal.  I do this for each day.  Throughout the week I add to my grocery list if we run out of "staples" and go grocery shopping once a week.

Floating shelf ledge

This is one of the walls in our living room.  The only wall, in fact, that we are able to have any pictures on, so I need to take advantage of it.  I rarely change these pictures out, but do move them around a lot to accommodate seasonal items.  It's really nice to be able to do that without poking a bunch of holes in the walls.  
These are actually 6 shelves.  2 sets of 3, put side by side.  The pictures are layered and I've only had one fall in over 3 years of being up there...and that could have been due to my monkey's children climbing around on the stairwell rail (which is on the other side of that wall.)

My Duvet Cover

This is how the whole thing went down...

Shop for a duvet cover for your bed because you have sorely neglect the master bedroom when decorating the house.  Find one at Pottery Barn (of course) that you love.  

Look at the price.  Close browser knowing you are not going to spend $250 on a big envelope and 2 smaller ones. 

 Look at it again a few weeks later.  Price is still the same.  *Sigh* then begin searching elsewhere, unsuccessfully.
Happen to walk by the sheet section at Wal-Mart (that’s what we have here) and see the wonderful new Better Homes and Garden’s collections they are carrying.  Find this:

Purchase 2 king sets of sheets and pillowcases for $75 (I think) because I know I can make a simple duvet cover and shams (and a whole lot more) with all that fabric.
Find out your pregnant with baby #4 and get really sick for a few months.  Put project on back burner.  Look at sheets every time you walk into your office and think, “I should make that.”  Procrastinate a little longer and put flat sheet over end of bed so you can see what its going to look like when its done.  Live like that for rest of pregnancy.
Make bed skirt, because its easier you’re tired of being able to see under the bed.
Baby is now 7 months old.  Older 2 kids are in school.  Its about time to get going on duvet cover...

I made my cover reversible.  

The underside matches the bed skirt.  I bought 2 king size sets of sheets, but also got a lot of fabric; enough to make a bed skirt, valences, reversible duvet, and still have leftovers to make some throw pillows.  Not bad for $75! 

I wanted to add a little fun to the duvet, and a more width because our comforter doesn’t hang down as much as I think it should.  I decided to add a ruffle on both sides, which I *love* now that it’s done.  

I also added a hidden zipper to the bottom.  

This was tricky as I have never done one of these before, but it turned out great.  I ordered a 36” zipper from a seller on eBay since neither Wal-Mart nor Hobby Lobby had that long of a zipper, much less a hidden one. 

Now that this is done, I can move onto the shams....and the valence...and the...


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