Thankful Tree {tutorial}

This is our Thankful Tree.  Each leaf represents something we are thankful for.  We all take turns writing something down.  One leaf per day in November.  After we are done, I will scrapbook the project so we can look back each year and see what has stayed the same and what has changed.  

 I have wanted to do this project for awhile, but since we live in a new neighborhood there are no trees, so no branches.  Apparently it took me a couple of years before I realized I could cut branches from a friends tree.  What's that saying...can't see the forest through the trees?  Um, ya.  Take a step back and look at the bigger picture? :)  I need to do that more.  

Tree branches
Sand (or rocks or marbles)
Paper (in various fall colors)
Leaf punch
Hole punch

How to:
I bought a leaf punch (um, 6 years ago) for another project (family tree) that I have yet to do.  I love having supplies on hand to quickly whip up a project and I already had most of these.

Go out in the yard (or a friends/neighbors....but ask first!) and cut some branches.

Put a floral frog/foam into the vase and cover with sand.  (Yes, I actually had to go buy some overpriced sand at Wal-Mart.)

Punch 30 leaves in various reds, oranges, and yellows.  Mine are patterned, textured and solids. Then punch a hole in the top to hang.

Cut 30 pieces of string to about 6".

Every day write down something you and your family are thankful for and tie it to the "tree." 

(Once I scrap the page, I'll take a picture and add to the post!)

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  1. Thats awesome. I'm gonna go buy a leaf punch now!! :)



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