Numbering Chairs

I *love* the look and customization of monograms.  Second best, is numbering.  My DH thinks I’m a bit crazy, but I’ve always wanted to do this.  Originally I wanted to do it to our kitchen chairs, but since you’d only really see 2 of the 6, the bar stools were a better choice.  So, one afternoon during nap time and before the other kids came home from school, I decided to start painting.  
numbers printed from computer (or stencil)
Pencil and paper
Painting tape and ruler
paint pen or paint and brush
The first task is deciding what font you want and what size.  I went back and forth between a scripty font and having it read “No. 1”, and just the number “1” but figured my kids would ask, “why No?”  So I went simple.  Find your font and print on paper, but you only need to print the outline of it.
I started with the #6 and on our broken stool (I have 4 kids, its bound to happen) so that if this experiment failed miserably, I would just have to buy another stool...which was already in the plans.  I cut the numbers apart, but leaving lots of white around the number.  I took my pencil and scribbled all over the back like so:

Then centered and taped it to the stool back and trace the outline 
(it doesn’t have to be perfect.)

Then pull off the paper. 
Tracing will transfer the pencil scribble to the chair.  

Take your paint pen or paint, and paint it on. 

That’s it!  The whole process didn’t take more than an hour and it was dry before all my greasy little fingers got home to touch them.   I’m still debating if I’m going to dry brush black or glaze over it for an antiqued look.  Sanding off (in my case) didn’t work due to the finish.  (Once again, tried on #6.)  If this was a piece I had painted my self, I’d definitely have sanded the numbers lightly.
 (Don't mind the crumbs and fingerprints on the chairs.  Just keeping it real here.)

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  1. I love this! I am cracking up b/c I've been planning to do this with my black stools as soon as my husband re-glues them for me. Thanks for explaining the pencil process. I've tried various things, including cutting letters/numbers out meticulously, but I'd lvoe it if I could get this to work.



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