Glass Etched Monogrammed Hurricanes

I have always wanted to try glass etching but have been intimidated by its chemical-ness.  I'm a huge fan of personalization and love monograms.  Christmas season is right around the corners, so I wanted to try this to see if it will make great gifts.
  Let's just say every one's getting glass this year for Christmas!  This one hurricane cost me $2.50 (aside from the etching cream, which I can use over and over and over.)

Supply list:
Glass (hurricane from $1 store, but you can use votives, beer mugs, plates, etc.)
Candlestick ($1.50 from a yard sale)
Contact paper
Etching cream (using 40% coupon from Hobby Lobby)
Paint or foam brush
E-6000 or epoxy (for attaching candlestick to hurricane, optional)

 I cut the contact paper in my Silhouette, but you can print and cut with an exacto knife. 
Clean your glass with window cleaner.
Place contact paper on glass, making sure to press ALL the edges so the etching cream doesn't bleed.
(I saved the inside of the letter just in case I find something to put it on, which I know I will.  The contact paper looks a lot like the finished product, so you could actually just use that! :)
 Paint on etching cream.  Directions say to wear gloves, but I was to lazy really careful.
 Watch the timer as it (very slowly) counts down the required 5 mins.  Follow directions on your etching cream as they may vary.
 Rinse your project under warm water and peel the contact paper off.  
Be utterly amazed that you've been afraid of this for years since it was so easy and you LOVE the results!
Attach your candlestick base with the E-6ooo and set aside for 24 hours to bond, or leave as is.
Count the minutes until the baby gets up from her nap so you can put the kids in the car and head back to the $1 store to get more glass.  In the meantime, dig through your kitchen looking for something else to etch.

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