Boating Flag Paper Garland

G's room is decorated in sailboats.  I don't know why I was set on boats, but I was.  I had his room all finished about 2 months before he was born and poof...2 weeks later, we found out we were moving across the country.  So...I got to decorate another room.  I loved what I did the first time, so I did it again, but added a few more details, like this flag garland.
(In this picture it looks as if the garland is actually painted on the wall, but its not.)

 I had die cut most of the shapes at my local scrapbook store (before we left), then sat down one afternoon during nap time to put it all together.

Jute or string
Scissors, die cuts, or punches

  I measured his wall, and cut some jute about 2 feet longer (to account for the arc).  I decided what order I wanted my made up boating signs to go and laid them out.  Found the center of the jute and started folding and gluing.  The squares are really rectangles which I folded the end over the jute and glue.  The triangles have 2 tabs on them (its the small pennant die from Accucut) which I folded and glued.  I spaced them evenly apart, but glued the paper to paper and not paper to jute.  This way when we move again, I can lengthen or shorted if needed.
To hang it, I just put a cup hook in each corner and tied the jute to them.

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