Stamped Metal Jewelry

If you have ever wanted to make your own stamped jewelry, it's really pretty easy. I have seen these in shops all over etsy and online and have always loved them...but not the prices. I knew that buying the supplies was going to be a spendy addition to my craft room, but then the perfect opportunity presented itself. I had 7 wonderful friends throw me a baby shower and these were the perfect thank you gifts. The added bonus....I got to keep all the tools to make more! (8 months later I still have not made my own necklace! :)
I decided to make each necklace different so figuring out which styles I wanted was the longest part of the process. Once I chose my stamping blanks, I ordered all the tools and most of the supplies from here, but bought the necklaces and some of the blanks from Hobby Lobby (on sale, of course).

Its as easy as taking the stamp, placing it on the metal blank, and whacking it with the hammer.
I recommend buying a practice piece because is does take a few whacks of the hammer to figure out the correct pressure and spacing.
The shower theme was pink, black, and white, so I packaged them in cute little tins with pink paper backing.

In trying to decide who got what style, I had to think about who was going to be having more kids, so that I could add a name or initial as part of my baby gift to them in the future. I forgot to take pictures of the first few, but I love how they all turned out. Will be making mine and one for my sister (who is due with baby #1 in a few weeks) as soon as they decide on a name. I'll post those pictures when they are done.

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