Saving a picture

My dear son is in *love* with Thomas the Train.  (What little boy isn't, right???)

Well, he got this...

...with one of his early Birthday gifts (thanks, cuz!!!)

He's been carrying it around the house "reading" it again and again and again.  Hmm...much like I do the Pottery Barn and Ballard Designs catalogs.  Its starting to look a little battle weary and since I see how much he adores it, I thought I'd preserve it a little.

Out comes my handy, dandy laminator.
See, I'm a sucker for a sale.  And when this baby went on sale on Amazon for $15 (normally $80), I bought it.  Actually, I bought two...then resold one on Amazon for $30.  (Hey, a girls gotta cover her crafting costs, right???)

So, I ironed the paper with a pressing cloth to straighten it out a bit, cut it down a smidge, put it in a laminating sheet (which came with the laminator), and sent it through.

Voila!  A Thomas keepsake!

Thomas Picture + Laminating Machine = One Happy Boy

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