Shabby Bench Redo

If only I could whistle.... :)

This is what it looked like when I found it here.

Dontcha just love those legs???

Slap a little white paint on it...distress it a bit...throw together some sage burlap and voila.

....... it wasn't quite that easy....but I'd do it again!

Since the burlap is a weave and not solid, I recovered the top with a white sheet first so you see the light through burlap, not ugly mauve.  
(No offense to anyone who like that color.)

I cut off the original cording.  I first attempted to truly reupholster it, but this baby was made well.  I could not get even the first few staples out, much less the hundreds that were used.  (And I wasn't about to ask for help from the hubs since he's less than thrilled that I have all this extra furniture in his garage anyway!  You think he'd be happy that I'm finally moving some out!?! :)

See the pretty ruffle?  I used the selvage edge of the burlap so I didn't have to hem the fabric before I ruffled it.  I was feeling lazy creative.

She is for sale here.  I secretly hope she doesn't sell, cuz I kinda want her at the end of my bed...but I guess that's not really a secret now, is it? 

{Sewing Challenge #20}

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  1. I love this redo! Yes, for feeling creative..the outcome of the project doesn't show any sign of laziness to me :)!

  2. Love it! I love the ruffles...good thing you felt "creative":) I am your newest follower. Hope you can visit me sometime soon.

  3. I love it! Love the shape of the legs and the adorable little ruffly slip cover you made!!


  4. I really love this! So pretty. P.S. Check out my Word Verification post in the upper right sidebar and increase your comments!

  5. Wow, the bench came out amazing. I love the pleating, doesn't look very lazy to me.

  6. That is the dang cutest bench I have EVER seen! Your makeover is spot on!



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