Shopping at a hotel closing...

Has anyone ever done this?  New and wonderful experience! Yesterday, I got a call from a friend (thx Amanda!) to let me know about a local hotel liquidation.  She knows that I love painting furniture and knew this was right up my alley!  

I called another friend (Michal), the one that I paint furniture with (we sell it here and on Craigslist) to see if she could go check it out.  I had all 4 kids home for the holiday, and one was sleeping, so was not going anywhere.

4 children + empty hotel selling furniture cheap + crazy mom = lost child  

So I didn't go yesterday.  Plus...we found out it was "invite only."  Both friends were able to sneak in and score some deals.  I went this morning to "help load and move furniture" and we just happened to find some more stuff.  

I was a little scared to tell the hubs, so called my mom first and yabbered about everything we found.  We brought it all back to my place to unload, photo everything and giggle at the screaming deal we got.

My guilty conscience got the best of me and after I "hid" everything around the house, I call the hubs and fessed up.  

Know what he said???


Whoop! Whoop!  (Love ya babe!)

Either he's hoping I can support us all on this and he can retire or he'd rather I take my paintbrush to something other than our own furniture???

Anyway....we went back for more this afternoon and got De-Nide!  So....we are grateful for what we got and are looking forward to painting and recovering it all! 

Pictures to come....

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