Jute wrapped vase {quick tutorial}

This is a project I organized for our local MOPS (Mother's of Preschoolers) group.  For the lat 2 years I was  the Creative Activities Coordinator (a.k.a. Crafts), this year I'm in charge of the whole group.  I was kind of sad to step down from doing crafts, but I've actually been able to be MY crafts done instead of always planning them for other people.  For this group, my budget was $2 per mom, so I had to be  creative and frugal! Here's one that we did...a jute wrapped vase. 

You start with these supplies:

Vase (from the dollar store)
Glue gun and sticks

How to:
(sorry no pics)

Start on the back side of the vase, add a small line of glue (1/2"), put in the end of the jute and hold it for a few seconds to make sure its secure...without burning your fingertips.  Then you wrap it around the vase, add some glue (in a line up the back side of the vase), wrap the jute a couple of times, then add glue and  wrap, add glue and wrap, over and over and over.  

You don't have to add the glue every "lap" around, just every few.  I kept pushing my jute down so it was nice and tight.  When you get to the stopping point, make sure you end at the back, add another 1/2"of glue in a line and secure the end, then snip it off.

 Here's some options of what you can do.

Add a candle, some flowers, bare branches...

Now while that glue gun is still smokin' hot, grab that ugly lamp base you've been meaning to donate and wrap that, too!

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