Adding a design to a headboard???

So what do you think?  The stars are up temporarily...cuz I'm a wimp and am having a really hard time deciding if I want them up for good because that makes this headboard less versatile and I can only use it in his room and it will be harder to sell when we are done with it in umpteen years!  Really, those are only some of the thoughts that go through my head when trying to make a decision.  (See why I needed my mom's second opinion???)

Do I need to seek professional help? :)

Side note:
I just went to find the post where I showed you the foot board that I mentioned here and I can't find it.  Which means it never posted.  Then I went to find the pictures so that I could actually post them and I can't find those.  What in the world is happening around here??? :)  So....when dear son wakes up, I'll have to make his bed all pretty again and snap some more pics!

Here's the before (the painted before)

Here's the REAL before.

See that applique?  I pulled it off and it left some marks like this...which I tried and tried and tried to fix, but this is what is there...

...and although I'm the only one that can really see it, I know its there and it bothers me.  A lot.  

So I bought these for less than $1 each and painted and glazed them to match.

But am having a hard time committing, so put them on with these

And it looks like this from the side 

But it looks like this from the front

And I kinda think I LOVE it!

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  1. I have this exact same headboard that I plan on revamping. I plan on doing it a lighter cream with a tinted brown glaze I think. My whole bedroom set is from this furniture line and I am going to re-do it all like that!!!




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