Party Decorations and Favors on a Budget

I have 4 kids, so throwing big Birthday parties every year is a little much.  So instead, we do a big party with friends every other year, and do a small family party every year.  We alternate years so I do two big parties a year, instead of four.
This year, my oldest turned 8 (which I still cannot believe!)  She wanted to do a party at the gymnasium where the kids take gymnastics.  I've never been one to "pay" for a party.  We have always had them here at the house.  At her last party, two years ago, I had about ten 5 and 6 year old girls running through the house shrieking and screaming....and I vowed never to do that again.  


But I digress...

Since having the party at the gym, there really wasn't much I could decorate.  Plus, after paying for the gym,  I really wasn't wanting to spend a whole lot more moola.  

So...for less than $20 I had treats, drinks, and party favors.  I could have had that number down to under $15, but I opted to buy the cupcakes.  

I don't bake.  

And I was not in the mood to try this morning.  Partially because we ran out of time and partially because I didn't want to be tempted to stray from my diet healthy eating plan...which is really working BTW!

And again, I digress.  Sorry!

Here are my cupcake toppers and wraps.

Paper was mere cents (I have a stash of scrapbook paper to rival any small store.)
Popsicle sticks (on hand)
Punches and adhesive (on hand)
Die for cupcake wrapper (I have one, but you can buy these already cut in all a silhouette can cut them too.  Side note...I do sell toppers and wrappers in my etsy store.)

Most of the "expense" was in the favors.  I found these cute little water bottles at the Dollar Store and I bought a few packages of Kool-Aid singles to put in each bottle.  Punched a scalloped circle tag and matted a "thank you" circle sticker on a scrap card stock circle.  Tied them on with ribbon from my stash.

Beverages were $2.00.  Two 6-packs of water bottles at the Dollar Store (I was already there, so why not.)  I simply cut scrapbook paper in 9 1/2" x 1 3/4" strips.  Taped one side on over the label, wrapped it around, and taped the other side on.  

I had to show the hubs my frugal work since I know that a bunch of 8 year olds wouldn't appreciate it! :)

Now I just need to whip up a few thank you cards and I'll be on to the next project....

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  1. Congrats on making everything look great AND keeping it on a good budget!



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