Slouchy Crocheted Slipper Boots

So about 2 weeks before Christmas, I got a wild hair and decided I was going to crochet my kiddos and my cousins kiddos all slippers for Christmas.  

Yes.  Crazy.  I know.

But...I did it!  I was crocheted like a mad woman, but I finished.  I got this fabulous pattern from this Etsy store.  Actually, I bought 7 patterns. (I had a little clicky finger.)  Her patterns are wonderful.  Easy to read.  Pictures to help. Very well written.

They crochet up really quick and done with 2 strands for the shoe part.  Then you can decide if you want straight (and continue with 2) or slouchy (drop to 1).

I modified the boot cuff a little on these (the ones I gave my cousins girls) so that it ruches (ruched? rouched?)  a little.  On my kiddos, one requested straight (think Uggs) and the other slouchy.
I also added a cute little flower in each of the girls favorite colors from leftover yarn.   (I have a huge stash of yarn.)  I keep trying to use it up buy knitting and crocheting, but then I come across a new project and buy more yarn.  Help!  Its a vicious circle and I'm stuck!
The girls LOVED them.  So did all the other women in my family.  In fact, my cousin and aunt ordered a pair. :)  Hobby Lobby is still out of this grey, but I keep looking.

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