Rounded Pennant Birthday Garland

I often get asked by friends to help with party decor and love to help.  This one was actually for a friend of a friend.  She gave me this invitation as a jumping off point.  It was a La-La-Loopsy party.  (Picture a big pink button where the yellow yard is cut.  I had to use it for one of the tissue paper flowers. ;)
Sadly, I did not have to purchase a single thing for this project.  I say sadly, because it means that my craft supply hoarding tendencies are getting a bit out of control. :)

I ended up putting a spacer pennant between the words with tissue paper.  I cut 8 layers (4 in blue and 4 in white) with my 4" scallop circle die.  Then crinkled them all up in my hand, opened them up and stacked them up.  A quick staple in the middle to hold them while I sewed on the button and voila!   
To tie in the button theme, I added a button for the "i" in both. 
I purposely strung the ribbon with more of the color showing (usually I put the ribbon in back of the pennant) because I wanted to bring out more of the pink.

I wish I could have gotten a picture of the pennant at the party, but I didn't know the party thrower.

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