My Duvet Cover

This is how the whole thing went down...

Shop for a duvet cover for your bed because you have sorely neglect the master bedroom when decorating the house.  Find one at Pottery Barn (of course) that you love.  

Look at the price.  Close browser knowing you are not going to spend $250 on a big envelope and 2 smaller ones. 

 Look at it again a few weeks later.  Price is still the same.  *Sigh* then begin searching elsewhere, unsuccessfully.
Happen to walk by the sheet section at Wal-Mart (that’s what we have here) and see the wonderful new Better Homes and Garden’s collections they are carrying.  Find this:

Purchase 2 king sets of sheets and pillowcases for $75 (I think) because I know I can make a simple duvet cover and shams (and a whole lot more) with all that fabric.
Find out your pregnant with baby #4 and get really sick for a few months.  Put project on back burner.  Look at sheets every time you walk into your office and think, “I should make that.”  Procrastinate a little longer and put flat sheet over end of bed so you can see what its going to look like when its done.  Live like that for rest of pregnancy.
Make bed skirt, because its easier you’re tired of being able to see under the bed.
Baby is now 7 months old.  Older 2 kids are in school.  Its about time to get going on duvet cover...

I made my cover reversible.  

The underside matches the bed skirt.  I bought 2 king size sets of sheets, but also got a lot of fabric; enough to make a bed skirt, valences, reversible duvet, and still have leftovers to make some throw pillows.  Not bad for $75! 

I wanted to add a little fun to the duvet, and a more width because our comforter doesn’t hang down as much as I think it should.  I decided to add a ruffle on both sides, which I *love* now that it’s done.  

I also added a hidden zipper to the bottom.  

This was tricky as I have never done one of these before, but it turned out great.  I ordered a 36” zipper from a seller on eBay since neither Wal-Mart nor Hobby Lobby had that long of a zipper, much less a hidden one. 

Now that this is done, I can move onto the shams....and the valence...and the...

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