Baby Shower Invitation

My sister is having her first baby (YAY!)  I'm bummed that I can't be there for her shower, but we live about 7 or 8 states away and I have 4 small kids.  A few months ago we went on a trip and I decided I wasn't getting back on an airplane anytime soon...and its still too soon.  Anyway....I'm helping out with the shower as much as I can from afar.  Which means invitations and anyone who knows me know I *love* paper!  And cutting it up.  And putting it back together.

This is what I came up with.  A simple booklet style with an insert with the information.  The binding scored and tied with a ribbon.  My favorite part...

The "water" spray that I punched.  Love. It. The first was great.  The eleventh, I still thought they were kinda cute.  After so cute anymore.  But they are done and mailed and I'll soon be posting the favors that I'm making.

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