Button Flowers Tutorial

For the last couple of years, I was the Creative Activities Coordinator for our local MOPS group (now I'm the Coordinator).  My budget is $2 per mom per meeting.   After I bought all the buttons from here, I threw them all into a bucket and just enjoyed sifting my fingers through them as I was picking them out.  These were actually pretty easy to put together.

You will need: buttons, floral wire, a vase,  and ribbon (but that's optional). 

Putting them together:
The first thing to do is choose your buttons.  Layer them up.  Mix and match the colors.  Take 2 floral stems and criss-cross them in the middle and gently bend in half. Insert them into the top of the button, making an “X” with buttons having 4 holes, and an "I" with buttons having 2 holes. Slide the button to the end of the wire. Add remaining buttons. Twist the wires at the bottom of button and continuing down to the end of the wires. Insert into vase.  If you want, tie a matching ribbon around neck of vase.

Easy peasy and the best part...you don't have to worry about watering them and they will never wilt! =)

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