Soap re-do

This is what I gave as teacher gifts this year and a thank you to the leaders in our Sunday School class.  I got the idea from here, but tweaked it just a little.

She has a thorough tutorial and its easy to follow, but here are my (minor) modifications.

*I had a really hard time getting some of the labels off, so decided to leave the front one on.  (Keep in mind, I did about 20 of these, and was too lazy busy to be goo-gone-ing (technical term) that many.  The back label came off just fine, so I made the back the front.  

*I did not spray prime these, instead bought spray paint suitable for plastic.  It said no priming needed and I was all about skipping that step.  

*Since you could still kind of see the label in back (even after 3 coats of paint) I opted to punch a scallop circle out of scrapbook paper and modge podge it on to cover the label.  Worked out just fine and had an added touch of color.

I have a handful left over, so will be finishing them in various ways, just like the original.  I'll do one in black with a "G" for our kitchen sink.  I might do them for Valentines day with a big white heart?  I already have the red paint!

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