Ragamuffin Garland Tutorial

Got a lot of fabric scraps and want to use them up???  This is perfect!!

Jute (or ribbon)
Ring clips
Ribbon (optional)
A good movie (optional, but will make the process more fun)

How to:
Cut your jute/ribbon 6 inches longer than desired finished length.  Tie each end to a ring clip.

Cut/rip fabric in roughly 1" by 8-12" strips.  I took my fabric and cut it to about 10" (some were more, some were less), then snipped the edge every 3/4"-1" and ripped each strip off.  I like the frayed looked of the ripped fabric.  (I have no idea how many strips, cut I cut and tied, cut and tied, cut and tied...until it was as full as I wanted.)

I also cut extra jute and ribbons that I had in my ribbon jars.  For that matter, I dug through all my fabric and used some warm and soft batting that was too small for any thing else, extra fleece...pretty much anything that was white, cream, red, or green was fair game!

Put your movie in and start tying.  And keep tying.  And tie some more.  You might actually have to get a second movie going...that how long it takes!  I actually separated my piles into like colors and prints.  (Yes, I'm like that.)  I tied in patterns first.  For example...starting on the left hand side, red plaid every 4 inches across the jute...then green solid...then white, etc.  I wanted it too look random, but also not lopsided with color.  At the end, I filled in where needed.

This one is was for sale here.

All that work and you'd think I'd keep it, right?  Nope.

You can do these on wreath forms, too.  In fact, I picked up some at local garage sales and antique stores this summer with plans to make one from extra drop cloth material.

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