Moss Ball {tutorial}

I rescued this little urn from a dusty, unappreciated life in a random junk shop sometime last summer with the sold purpose of doing this to it.  (It was $3 or $5 or something like that and is about 4" tall.)   Well, almost a year later I finally got around to it.  I had all the supplies on hand, so what in the world was I waiting for!?!?  I mean 20 minutes start to finish and that is clean desk to clean desk and I made TWO!

Urn or pot of some sort
Foam ball
Glue gun

How to:
I used light green reindeer moss and it was a tough decision between light and dark green.  My 3 year old picked light green.  Sheet moss might have been easier, but this is soft and spongy and I was thinking it wouldn't make a dry moss mess everywhere.  The reindeer moss had little stick stuff in it that I had to pick out, so still made a mess.

I had a 3" green styrofoam ball in my closet so that's what I used.  Green is better than white, because if you see some green through the moss, it blends right in.

Heat up your glue gun, pull some moss out and try to flatten it a little.  Put some glue on the ball and place the moss on top.  Press gently and try not to burn your fingerprints off.  (This is not something to do right after you've gotten a manicure....well, not that I'd know since It's been years since I've had one!)

Work your way around the ball glueing the moss on until its all covered, filling in where needed.

I tried it on a few different things to see what I liked.  
A small candlestick.  Another urn.  A tall candlestick.  Then back where it started.

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