Upcycled flower Tshirt {tutorial}

As I process laundry on a daily basis, I'm amazed at how many items of clothing just do not come clean anymore.  Those so called "washable" paints and markers aren't as user friendly as they say.  My children also seem to not be able to use the napkins they are given at each meal.  Why use a perfectly clean napkin when I have this shirt right here?

This is my attempt to cover up some stains and keep this shirt out of the play-clothes drawer.  You know those clothes....the ones I make them wear to "help" in the garden.  (I say that like I actually have a garden...you know what I mean.)

Tshirt material (or another tshirt)
Thread and needle

How to:
I took an old pink baby pajama jumper that was a little stained due to a three baby girls using it.  Since we are done having babies *sniff* I figured it needed a new life.  I cut along the seams to have a flat surface.  

Then ran it through my die cut machine with the 4 circles die.  I cut 5 sets of 4 circles.  This can easily be done with a template and set of scissors, too.

I then stacked the sets from biggest to smallest and pinned them in place.

  I started with the center "flower" and worked my way out on each side.

I sewed the "flowers" first by putting an X through the center and pulled rather tight so they would squish up.  Before cutting the thread, I sewed them on the shirt.  Once again, I started with the center flower and worked outwards.  

I pulled #2 out of her jammies to try it on (hence the mussed up hair) then we switched out her clothes for the next day so she could wear it to school.

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