My little secret....

...well I guess its not really going to be a secret anymore!?!?

I love to start projects.  


I'm not so great a finishing them.

There.  I said it.  I'm admitting I have a problem.

Here's a great example.



I walked around the house yesterday and found these.  They are all the paintbrushes I have that are wrapped and waiting for me to finish a project.  I can actually tell you what each of these are for.  

1. The frame that I am mod podging.
2. The headboard that I am staining.
3. The footboard that I have to finish glazing.
4. Three brushes used to prime some furniture.  They need to be cleaned.
5. Our dresser turned changing table turned (still turning) entertainment center.
6. Um...well...I guess this is another priming brush?  (I found it in our garage fridge.)

This is just an example of the paintbrush projects, not the home improvement, decorating, and sewing projects that are part way done!

My husband had about reached the end of his rope with my "projects."  Looking around, I can't blame him.  So...I'm going to start finishing things...which means more things to post.  Its win-win-win.  I get things done, you get to read, but most importantly the hubs is happy.

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