Valentine's Day heart ornament or bowl filler {tutorial}

A cute little addition to your Valentine's decor and a great way to use up some of those scraps! :)

Jute or twine
Needle, thread and pin
Embroidery thread (optional)

How to:
Cut two hearts. (Mine are about 4 inches wide.)  Cut a piece of jute about 7" long.  Pin jute upside down to the right side of the fabric, then place second heart over the top and pin in place, right sides together.  (You're making a teeny-tiny pillow!)  

Sew around the edged, leaving about 1 1/2" open... you can turn right sides out and stuff.
Hand sew closed.  

Make some more in fun Valentiney colors.

 You can even stitch some XOXO's on with embroidery floss!
 I made one out of leftover cream burlap.  This one I just sewed together leaving the raw edges out.
Toss them all into a cute bowl.
 Or hang them on some branches.

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