Organizing {Part 3: Household Binder}

This is my household binder.  It's great having everything in one place.  It contains...

Food section 
Bi-weekly meal plan
Extra copies of my grocery lists
Freezer meal inventory

Schedules for daily, monthly, quarterly and annually
Zone cleaning (6 zones)

School information (use to be all school, but now just the boy's preschool)
Extracurricular information

Emergency contact information
The kids and I are putting this together for a school project but its also helpful on the rare occasion that we have a babysitter.

Household Repairs 
Who to call for what

My calendar is kept on my computer, otherwise that would be in there too.
My to do list is tucked in the front pocket as that is updated daily.

Want to make your own?  This is what you'll need:
Clear view binder
Scrapbook paper 
(the paper for all my binders goes nicely together...not that they are ever in the same place at the same time :)
Sheet protectors
(I make my own, but will post links at the bottom of the post of where you can get some pretty ones)

This is what to do:
Measure and cut out scrapbook paper to fit in front, back and spine of your notebook.

In Pages (or use Word or Publisher) I created the front and side labels, in addition to the divider labels.  I printed this on card stock, the cut out.  I matted the front, adhered it to my precut scrapbook paper and slid them in place.
 I die cut the mats for the divider pages.  I used card stock inside a page protector as my divider.  I haven't made tabs (yet), but that's because the page protector goes to the edge of the binder and the tabs would stick out the side.  If you want tabs, a way around this is to punch a hole in the top of the dividing page and put a ribbon tie through it.
 I keep most of my pages in sheet protectors.  The 2 week meal plan (more in my next post) I just slide in and out when the two weeks is up.
Here's an example of my "Zone Cleaning" page.  The sheet protectors work well with a dry erase marker.  I just check off as I go, and wipe off at the end of the month when I move to the next zone.
 I make my own inserts on the computer.  They aren't pretty and colorful, but they work.  Here is a link, that a friend found, to free basic printables but if you want really pretty ones check these out and the rest of her blog!

I'm happy to email mine out (if anyone wants) until I'm able to figure out how to post a downloadable version on here.  Email be at bugaboogifts{at}gmail{dot}com.

Here's a sneak peak at another upcoming post using the same concept....

The binder was in place, but I finished it by making it "pretty" and I finally printed out all the schedules instead of keeping them on my computer.



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