Map Cards and Envelopes

The hubs is in a purging mode.  I have to be sneaky about checking boxes before they head to his trunk, which is why I usually volunteer to take the boxes to donate.  Don't get me wrong, I'm purging too, but I have to make sure the things that leave the house and things I want to leave the house.  Know what I mean? old NW Map book was in the pile and I rescued it and now I'm turning trash into treasure!  

I few years ago I bought some envelope dies for my Accucut.  I  bought them and once they arrived I what?  I normally use card blanks for my cards and those come with envelopes.  

Hmm...I'm using up some of my random pieces of scrapbook paper...when my mom comes to visit she buys and cuts wrapping paper (cute!)...but what else???  

Enter map book.  

Which is now a stationary set!

I'm selling them here in my etsy shop.

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