Crib Bumper

First off....I will take a proper picture of this in a crib once the baby's room is done.  For now this is all I have. :)

This bumper is one piece of a set that I'm making for my friend, Katie.  Its my baby gift to her.  She chose the colors, fabric, and style of the bumper and I'm the labor.  I enjoy sewing and decorating so this a really fun project.

I didn't use a pattern or a tutorial, I just kind of wung it.  That's how I roll with these type of projects.  I'll read a few sets of directions, then do what makes the most sense to me.  If anyone reading this is thinking about tackling a bumper and wants more me.  Its really just like making a giant pillowcase for a really, really, really long pillow.

I put piping only on the top (since the bottom is not going to show, why waste the time and materials?)  The bottom was the last part I sewed, done with a simple straight stitch as close to the edge as possible while still sewing on the material.

The ties were not put on the top, but on the side...

...and made to knot, not tie in a bow.... they were made shorter.

Pretty picture to come once its in the baby's room. ;)

(This is also sewing challenge #18.)

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