"DREAM" button pillow {tutorial} {SC #11}

This was a fun little twist on my Button Heart Canvas, but this is on a pillow.  I didn't take pictures as I made it only because I just kind of wung it (that's a technical term...really! :)
Drop cloth
Gross grain ribbon
Embroidery thread to match buttons
Pillow stuffing
How To:
Cut fabric into a rectangle.  Mine is approximately 24" x 18" (finished is 12" x 18").  I hand stuffed mine, so didn't need a specific size.  
Fold in half right sides together, and sew up about 4" into the bottom on both sides.  I sewed the ribbon in true Miss Mustard Seed style. Pinch and pin,  Pinch and pin, all down the sides then sew together.  I folded the top and bottom of my ribbon to the back of the pillow and then fray checked it once I was done.
Right side out your pillow (or as my kiddos say "inside in"). So now you have your pillow shell done and its on to the buttons.

I played around with the buttons to see how the spacing would work.  Then I took a disappearing blue fabric pen (the kind where you spray water and the ink disappears) and sketched out the letters.  Nothing fancy on my first try....wanted to see if this would work before I tried a fun script...which I will do! :)
I hand sewed on each button.  I'm not going to tell you this went quickly.  In retrospect, I would have drawn and sewn on the button with my machine before I sewed the pillow together.  
  Once you finish the word, then whip stitch your pillow closed.
Next I think I'll do a giant "G" on a pillow for our living room.   

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