Baby shower favors {quick tutorial}

A candle!  

One of my co-hostesses found this wonderful little poem, which is printed on the front.  It says...

"Here's a candle for you today,
to light when baby is here to stay.
When you light its flickering flame,
say a prayer in the baby's name."

I made these to match the invites, which I made to match the bedding.  Change the poem and these could be made for teacher gifts or thank you gifts.

Card stock and cutter
Ribbon and sharp scissors
Hole punch
Cello bag

How to:
Punch or cut your mat.
Print and cut your poem.
Adhere poem to mat and punch a hole in the corner.
Cut ribbon to approximately 10" pieces, but cut on an angle.
Drop candle in cello bag.
Tie ribbon around, but don't knot.  (Just tie it like the first step in tying your shoes.)
Put the two pointed ends of the ribbon together (this is why you cut on an angle) and poke them through the hold that you punched.  Much easier to grab and pull through.
Pull ribbon through until tag is at the base, then tie another single knot.
Cut the ends at an angle.

Tip on tying ribbon: If you tie it upside down (this goes for bows or knots) they always look prettier!)  I sat the candle in my lap, tag facing out and tied.

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