Making your own party Invitations {tutorial}

First off....the orange is really not that bright!!!  Its more of a burnt orange.  As usual, I'm working on these at night and taking pics with a flash.  I can never get oranges and reds to be true.  Any hints from you photographer types???

I know it would be so easy to just pull up a site that prints invitations, insert your information, type in your credit card information and hit send.....but not for this crafty gal!  I always make my own invitations, baby announcements, and cards.  I even volunteered to make my sisters wedding invitations....all 300+ of them!

These are for a friend of mine who is having her third boy.  She is decorating the room with grey, orange and white, so that's what we're going with for the party theme.

Instead of making every invite the exact same, I usually go with a color theme and vary the card stock.  I use the same "template" but different card stock.  In this instance, I was making about 50 invites.  It was just as cost effective for me to buy an entire pack of patterned card stock (on sale) as it was to buy just the individual sheets I would need...and I have a lot left over!

Card stock, colored and white
Paper cutter
Paper punch or die cut (or scissors)

How to:

Cut your base card stocks (12x12 size) into three 4" strips, then score them at 2 3/4" and 8 1/4."  This is so you can fold the edges in and the top flap hits directly in the middle.
I have a wonderful cutter (Zutter Dreamkuts) that I use all the time!  But a paper cutter works just as well.  I also have a scoring board (Scor-Pal), but if you have a dry embossing stylus, you can use it on your paper trimmer in the little gully where the blade cuts.

I type up my own invites using Publisher....and that's a whole other tutorial.  I use it for the invites, the saying on the front and the directions.  Then print and cut.  If you have a square paper punch it makes the cutting much easier...and exact!

I die cut my antique squares, but you can make a template, trace and hand cut if you need to.

Cut your band strips.  I made mine 9 inches by 1 inch.  Make sure to make them long enough to wrap around the card plus overlap a little so you can adhere it together. 

Here are the supplies for one invite.  Once everything is cut, its a really simple assembly.
Fold up your base on the score lines and adhere you invite info.  I put some adhesive on all four corners of the back side of the invite, plus a little strip in the middle.
Make sure you get the right side up.  You want the bigger flap to fold up first.
Add a line of adhesive to one end of the back of the band.

Set your invite (right side up) on you band (pattern side down) with the adhesive at the top.  I leave about 2 inches of overlap on the top.  Fold up your band, then fold down the top and put to secure.

The reason I put the seam in front is because I'm going to cove over it with the die cut.  It leaves the back clean and looks nicer.
Add your die cut and then your quote to the front.  Instead of a quote you can stamp a picture or layer another die cut.  Options are endless.
That's it!
For under $0.50 per invite (including the envelope!) I'll take that considering just a quick search on the internet was coming back with anywhere between $1.19-$3.85 a piece!!!

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