Tax Season

Among other things, I am an accountant.  I know, shocker....first born, type-A, anal structured...bean counter fits right in!  I actually quite enjoy it.  Cleaning up number messes.  Getting systems in place for businesses (and people).  Reconciling, to the penny, every month.  The nice thing about accounting.  1+1 = 2. There is an answer.  You might have to dig and dig and dig, but there is an answer. 

Anyway...its tax season and we are getting towards the end, so I'm going to take a small break from projects until the 15th (or 18th this year).  

I just might start posting some financial organizational tips to helps some of you....uh...less organized types. 

So, in the meantime, I hope you are all out there crafting while I'm 10-keying.

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