A really simple skirt

Really, this was a simple skirt to make.  I think it maybe took 30 minutes...including interruptions from my offspring.  In fact, I was sewing this the evening before the first day of school.

Thanks to Dana from Made and her Simple Skirt Tutorial, I ran out the next day and bought more material to make more skirts for the girls.  I might even make myself one!

For this one, I already had the fabric and elastic on hand.  Yes I'm a hoarder....I like to call it being prepared.  You never know when on the night before the first day of school your 6 year old is going to complain that she has nothing to wear and you need to whip up a simple skirt.  I was prepared!
And look at these adorable Hide-eez.  I'm getting them for all the girls.  In multiple colors.  I also took a stab at making a pair out of legging that my 8 year old tore a hole in the knee, but that's another tutorial.
{Sewing Challenge #30}

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