Garland card {tutorial} with free printable

Warning: little story coming, so if you don't want to read, just skip on down to the supply list.

How this card came about....At one time a couple of years ago I taught crafting classes and one of the classes I did was a card class.  For it, I purchased a box of envelopes on ebay.  I couldn't find the right size (#9) locally so I headed online.  Each of box contained 500 envelopes.  That's right....500, for a class of about 20.  It was cheaper to buy 500 than a box of 50 at the store.  Well, the supplier didn't ship them in time, so when I contacted them, they sent another box for my trouble.   So, I have ONE THOUSAND #9 envelopes..  Since then, I've been using them here and there, but decided that in my recent attempts to reorganize my office, I need to start making cards to fit the envelopes and use them up.  In the past few days I've come up with a few really cute ones (at least I think so! :)

I'm totally into the pennant garlands lately.

White card stock (or whatever color you'd like for your base)
Scrapbook paper scraps
Envelope (need some?  I have plenty! :)
Triangle punch or scissors
Sewing machine or marker

How to:
I like to format my own cards on the computer so I can use the vast selection of fonts that I have accumulated.  (I'm addicted to fonts!)  For this one, I set my paper size to 8 1/2" W x 7"H (which is twice the height of the card).  You can use word, publisher or pages.  I add a text box where I want the text, select the font and type it in.

Here is the printable version:
(I hope it works.  This is the first time I've added a printable.  Please let me know if you have problems with it.)  Its formatted for the paper size above.

You can cut your paper before or after you run it through the printer or after.  (I usually cut mine before, just make sure you change the paper feeder to accommodate your paper size.)

After you print, use your scoring board or trimmer and stylus (or just fold it) to score the seam and fold the card in half.

For the pennants, I bought a punch.  I didn't intend to buy one, but I happened through Big Lots one day and this one was on clearance for $3.50 (down from $17).  Yes.  Please. :)  
Punch or cut a handful of pennants out of various paper scraps.  Play around with the placement until you like how they look and then glue them on.  
If you are going to sewn them, you only need to lightly tack them in place because the thread will hold them.  If you draw on your "string" then you need to adhere them to the card.
Either run it through your sewing machine or draw the string and you're done!
I've already formatted a bunch of these with various card sayings so I'm sure I'll be make quite a variety soon!

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