Simple shirred sundress or top or skirt {quick tutorial}

First off...sorry for the picture.  I will try to do better!  Its coming to the end of summer and I've not been nearly as productive as I thought I would with all the munchkins home. :)

This was a super simple project.  So easy, that I made 2 (one for my #2 and one for me) and will be making 2 more (one for #1 and #4).  Mine is a skirt or  I can wear it as a top, then accessorize with a belt around the waist (as to not look maternity) and once it cools off a cardigan.  #2's is a dress that she'll sometimes tuck in the straps and wear as a long skirt.

Shirred fabric (or you can shirr your own.)
Coordinating ribbon
Sewing machine and thread. 

How to:
I've always seen this shirred fabric at Hobby Lobby and finally picked some up.  Measure your subject around the chest, and buy accordingly.  Make sure when you buy it, you measure the shirred part of the fabric and not the bottom edge.  Cut, fabric about an inch or so smaller than measurement.  I held it up to #2 here and tested for fit, then cut.  My fabric has a pattern so cutting straight was easy.  I used scissors, not a straight edge.  Sew a seam straight down the back with right sides together.  I surged mine, but a zig zag would work too.
You could leave it as is at this point, which is what I did with mine.  I'm rather well endowed, ahem, so have no problem holding the fabric up when I wear it as a shirt.  This little girl...not so much yet, so I made a "strap" to keep it in place.

Its just a ribbon I pulled out of my stash, cut in half, end folded under 1/4" and hemmed to the top of the dress on the inside.  Once again, I had her put the dress on and carefully pinned where they should go.

Heat sealed the ends of the ribbon.
So easy!!!
 This is sewing challenge #25 and 26 (since I made one for me, too!)

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