Sometimes patience pays off

This is the latest step to finishing my bathroom.  There is still a bit to do, but I've added a little character.  (Looking at this picture its evident that the next thing I should check off the list is a valence, right?)
We have this blank wall above our bathtub that, to me, always seemed like it needed something.  For months I had been looking, but nothing was quite right.  They were either too big or too small or to new...  Anyway, last November, I walked into an antique/junk store and found this in the very back...
I wanted it that bad that I took a picture with my phone.  Then I looked at the price.  $75.  Yikes.  Not willing to pay that for something I could build, I walked out of the store and left the perfect shelf behind, and always wondered about it...but I kept the picture.  Every time I looked at it I kicked myself for not getting it because it would take me a lot longer to build and paint this than $75.  

Well a few weeks ago, I happened to be back in the same store and IT WAS STILL THERE!!!  (I guess no one else wanted to pay $75.)   It was meant for me because this time it was 40% off.  Sign. Me. Up.  I grabbed it and ran to the front as quickly as I could.

I walked out the door, drove straight home and hung it up.  I LOVE it and all its lovely chippiness that I don't have to try to fake because it was naturally there..  
I'm still trying to figure out how to dress it up, but its there and is a perfect fit!

Now onto the valence.....then the mirror....then...

I pulled these leaf sconces off of our entry wall and put them on either side of the cabinet.
That helps, but still need that valence!

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