Some Homeschooling Books and Reading Eggs

I brought up that whole "we are homeschooling now" thing and I haven't said boo since.  Well, its going GREAT!!!!  I really wish I had started with #2 in kindergarten instead of pulling her out halfway through 1st grade.  #3 is staying in his 2-day-a-week preschool through the end of the year, but then he's coming home too. 

Last summer we did an Alphabet Summer and after reading a bit about the Ordinary Parents Guide to Teaching Reading, I bought it for #2 and #3 and we dabbled in the book.  At the time I had no idea that the author was one of the writers that was going to help shape my homeschool curriculum through The Well-Trained Mind.  (I'm still finding what type of homeschooler I fall under, but at this point am more in the Classical/Traditional than Unit/Unschooling.)  

One of my friends introduced me to Reading Eggs a few weeks ago and we signed up.  This site is great!  Its a wonderful supplement for teaching reading through games.   She calls it "crack for kids."  (Please don't call DHS because I used "crack" and "kids" in the same sentence.)  Its true though.  My kids fight over whose turn it is.  I finally have had to set timers.  I put a "Reading Eggs" card in the girls workboxes almost every day.  They are 8 1/2 and almost 7, and are already reading, but in addition the the teaching reading, there is reading comprehension and spelling.  

Go check it out here.  You get a free 2 week trial.  Here's the best part though....the same friend send this link to a forum that has promo codes for up to 4 years.  FOUR YEARS FREE!!!! {***Edited: most of the codes have expired already.}  It might sound silly, but I just signed the baby up with an account.  She turns 2 next week, but the time I start working on letters with her we will still have plenty of time left. :)

This is a service for which I would gladly pay.  (I think its $75 a year, but you can also find it as low as $15 through homeschooling coops.)  I am also practical, so why pay for something when you can (legally) get it for free!?!?

The boy (4 1/2) is loving this.  Over the past few weeks have been going through OPG and Reading Eggs and he's already reading BOB Books.  Its amazing to see and hear this!!!

If you have younger ones or some that need a little extra help, check it out!!!

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  1. Thanks for sharing this, Kel…I can't wait to look into it further!



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