Sewing challenge catch up....

I've been frantically sewing to make sure I hit my goal of 52 things this year.  52 is really not a lot, especially when you only have to do 1 a week.  For some reason I'm scrambling with only a few weeks left of 2011.

I worked on #37-42 last night.  I darned a hole in a sweater.  I sewed a strap back on an art apron.  I fixed our plush Noah's Ark by sewing the head back on one of the animals (don't ask), a leg back on another, and the strap to the ark's plank.  (The set has been used! ;)  I also sewed a bell back on some jingle socks.

The good "to sew" pile is dwindling.  I have a handful of jeans left to patch and a few dress up costumes to fix.  That's about it.  This was my whole reason for the challenge in the first place, so YAY!!! 

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