{PreK} Busy Bag Exchange II

The first Busy Bag exchange was such a hit, we're going for round 2!

This is a post for my local friends who are joining in the PRE-K busy bag exchange (the Toddler one is in another post) OR for those of you who want idea on how to host your own.  Or just ideas for how to keep your PreKer busy. :)

Guidelines for the exchange
1. I sent out an email for each of you to sign up.
2.  Select your bag of choice by emailing me.  I will update the blog when bags are taken.
3. Signups are open until 4/9.  After it closes, I will email with how many bags we each will be making.  You will then have 2 weeks to make your bags and we will meet up (date and place to be decided) to exchange.
4.  You will make X number of identical bag (such as 10 spinny spellers), 1 for each participant. 
5. The bags should cost between $1-2 per bag.  Please price out your ideas and shop with coupons if needed. 
6. Please put together a quality bag; the kind you would like to receive in return.  Remember, these have to hold up to kiddos! :)
7. Put each of your finished activities into a gallon size bag (if possible).
8. Include anything we might need to complete the activity including instructions and game options.
9. There is no need to laminate anything (unless you really want to do it.)  We each have the option of laminating the activities we need for our own use. 

Here is a link to my pinterest PreK busy bag board.  You can see pictures of all the bag ideas.  They link you directly to the site with information on putting them together.  You are also welcome to contact me and I'm happy to help give you ideas of how to put them together or where to get the supplies. (I will try to get links added to the list below...)
I've tried to include a large variety.  If there is an idea you'd like to try instead, holler at me and I will get it listed.  

Here is a list.  If there is a name behind the game, its already been taken.

{Local Exchange is Closed}

A-Z Clothespin Wheels
Alphabet Match Up {Deborah}
Counting Mats
I Spy Bottles {Michal}
Letters/Color Matching {Lanae}
Pom Pom Numbers {Kelsey}
Pool Noodle Lacing
 Rubbing Plates {Kelly}
Word Families {Angela}
Write and Wipe {Angela}

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