Fall Burlap Pennant Banner {quick tutorial}

A quick and easy fall banner.

Acrylic Paint and brush
Permanent marker (to match paint)
Sewing machine and matching thread or hot glue

How to:
I die cut my burlap, but you can easily cut the shape with scissors.  I used my computer to write "fall" then sized it to what I needed.  Print the letters in outline.  Using either a lightbox or your window, put the burlap over the paper and trace the outline with a permanent marker.  Paint in your outline.  Be sure to put a scrap piece of paper under your work, so it doesn't bleed through on your desk/counter.  Let dry.  (Crucial step.  Trust me.  I had paint all over my sewing machine because I was too impatient.)  Line up your pennants in order and sew the burlap onto the back of the pennant using a zig zag stitch.  (This would have been a bit easier if I had used a cording foot, but once again...too lazy/impatient to get it out.)  Optionally, hot glue or fabric glue the jute to the back.  Or hand stitch.
Here it is on my (undecorated) mantle.  Hey, its still September....for one more day.  
It was 90 here yesterday.  Not feeling too fallish yet.  
Tomorrow.  Tomorrow I'll decorate.  Then it will at least be October!

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